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     Yoga introduced me to my true nature in 1996. With the guidance of an Iyengar influenced teacher, I discovered the joy of using my bones, joints and gravity to find a sense of expansive alignment. The detailed science and instruction of the Iyengar tradition brought immediate changes to my posture, along with a heightened sense of being in the moment.

Holly LaBerge
After one class, I noticed a trusting and comfortable silence had replaced worry, doubt, and a cast of familiar fears. As I continued with a regular yoga practice, I developed the ability to connect with my own truth and inner guidance.  It became clear that contentment would not be found in a particular profession, or by living in some ideal location. Contentment was not waiting for the "right" person, or any other thing outside of myself. Unbelievably, there was nothing I needed to change or obtain. Yoga had rolled out a welcome mat to an unshakable, heart-felt sense of belonging to the moment, to each breath, and to the whole and connected Universe. This beautiful practice of compassionate presence had given me the tools I most needed to explore life.

Since taking that first yoga class, I've continued along a most scenic path to becoming a therapeutic yoga teacher. Some of the highlights along the way have included, Karma study programs at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, the Service & Study program at Salt Spring Centre of Yoga, Vipassana meditation courses, and opportunities to live and work in mindful communities around the world. Such yogic immersion opportunities have greatly enhanced my understanding and practical applications of yoga.

In 2002, I completed a 200-hour Dharma Yoga & Meditation teacher training led by Tai Sheridan (inspired by the teachings of Zen Buddhism). Training with Yoga Calm & Global Family Yoga have supported me in creating summer camps and yoga classes for kids. In 2015, I completed Yoga North's 500-hour SomaYoga training. I continue to learn, practice, and teach yoga with an ever growing interest and appreciation.

As a mobile, independent yoga studio, lovingly named Seasons Change Yoga, I am committed to teaching yoga in ways that move, change, and grow. What was true yesterday is not necessarily true for today. Honoring the law of constant change, each practice is approached with a sense of newness and wonder. Whether repeating a familiar movement, or learning something new, the practice is always aligning with presence. Our true and unchanging Buddha nature is in the here and now.

To schedule a therapeutic-oriented yoga class, retreat, or individual sessions: contact me.

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