Seasons Change Yoga

Seasons Change Yoga is an homage to what is true now, with the understanding that conditions are always in transition. Seasons change, yet our true nature remains limitless and unchanged.

The Physical Practices of Somatic Yoga (SomaYoga)
SomaYoga utilizes yoga therapy techniques, somatic movement, neuro-motor learning, traditional yoga poses, breath awareness, visualization, and meditation. This practice encourages us to meet ourselves honestly instead of where we think we should be. From that place, change and transformation happen. Regular practice increases mobility, stability, and function.

More about SomaYoga
Muscular holding patterns (tension) often become involuntary and unconscious. By focusing on the internal sensation of movement (or stillness), we re-establish functional communication of the sensory-motor system. As inner-body communication improves, so does our range of motion, musculo-skeletal structure, and overall feeling of health and wellness. People who practice SomaYoga notice positive changes in everyday movements. Be prepared for old habits and patterns to fall away.

Private Sessions: A 60-minute SomaYoga practice honoring your current physical condition, emotional needs, and lifestyle goals.

Public Classes: Classes are held in colleges, retreat centers, community education classes, private homes, and yoga studios.

For more information and scheduling:
Contact: Holly LaBerge

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