Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Jai Ma! A Tribute to Dixie

Flowers for Dixie
     Someone special has made a grand transition this week. She checked out of this particular world on the eve of Canadian Thanksgiving, which could not have been more appropriate. Dixie was the maker of delectable meals and the giver of constant thanks. She also happened to be Canadian. Her adult children and my dear friends, know how fortunate they are to have a mother that lives on in love.

We will continue to include Dixie in all things beautiful. I will miss her insight and opinions (always given with a grain of gourmet salt.) I admired the way she made an ordinary day feel like a special occasion. She brought an effortless elegance wherever she went. In her presence, I felt cherished. Her time here was too short for our understanding. I find comfort knowing the quality she brought to every moment, and to her relationships. I imagine her energy is now helping to heal the whole world.

Hindus also gathered this week to celebrate the Divine Mother. Since learning of Dixie's transition, the words Jai Ma (Victory to the Mother) continue to roll from my heart, out of my mouth. Victory to the Mother in all of her forms.

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