Thursday, September 19, 2013

Finding the Texture

"What is the texture"
Have you ever had a yoga teacher advise you to notice the texture of your exhale? If so, were you able to understand and feel for yourself what this meant? Wiktionary defines texture as "the feel or shape of a surface or substance; the smoothness, roughness, softness, etc. of something." Yoga jargon often expands on these descriptions. When noticing the feeling tone of a particular sensation, you may observe something which feels coarse, solid, or crumbly. A particular area may feel silky, spongy, or dull. You might notice a layered sense of changing sensation. At times, you will be asked to notice the quality of your breath, or feel the 
Describe how this feels
essence of a particular sensation. It may be tempting to just skip this part of the yoga instruction and concentrate on perfecting your outer form. Like so many things, yoga too can become a display, rather than an experience. 

Create an in-depth yoga practice by developing an attentiveness to any and all sensation, as it arises, changes, and disappears. This practice of presence can be used anytime, and is an effective way to alleviate unpleasant mind states. Observe life energy as it is, on a sensation level, without getting attached to any of it. Practice finding the texture, and letting it go. The natural world (which includes ourselves) is always shifting. Observing our shifting sensations without clinging or reacting, generates inner peace and contentment, which is not dependent on any particular sensation being present or absent. May we all have unconditional peace and contentment.

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