Monday, June 10, 2013

Arriving and Exhaling on the West Coast

West coast welcome
     A one-way ticket brought me here yesterday morning, but not as smoothly as my mind/body would have wanted. The baggage, even after many weeks of what I thought was precision packing, was still way too heavy for comfort. The Osprey Porter backpack was loaded down so much that one of the straps is already tearing apart at the seams. My carry-on roller case felt like it was full of boulders. At least I was able to sling it around and make it look easier than it felt. I did not fall down any escalators and I boarded public transportation in the quick time demanded. Today, my back, hips and neck feel strained.

Inquiring into the tension, I discover that although my mind was ready to travel, my body was still holding on for dear life as I knew it. The next few days will be dedicated to breathing, with a special emphasis on the exhale, and releasing tension in my body. Many weeks will unfold here in the presence of another inspiring body of water. The breathing tide is already showing me the way.

Yoga lesson: Focus on the letting go nature of the exhale throughout the day. Every out-going breath is an opportunity to let go of past and future concerns. Every in-coming breath is an invitation to be present. Do you have a wandering, planning, reviewing mind? Yes? Ok, notice those tendencies as they arise, then return to the exhale as mainstay of the present moment.

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kittyclaire said...


I am so looking forward to your journey! I realize I am rooted here for a time, but hope some part of me can travel with you and learn new things!

and as my yoga teacher taught me - just BREATHE!