Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sound Medicine
     Even though my stomach was upset from the curvy road driving and lack of proper nutrition, having my close friend up from central California was still a favorite treat. After entertaining her children with trinket shops and talk of going to the wax museum, we wandered down to the wave organ to do some ocean listening. I recognized that the kids had lost some enthusiasm as we approached what looked like not much of anything, the wave organ.

The wave organ makes the best sounds during a full or new moon, but one of the pipes was still producing some ambient sounds from the sea during this particular half moon. To my grateful amazement, the deep and primal sound of the gurgling water had an immediate healing effect on my upset stomach! I was both surprised and not surprised by this. I know we are connected to nature and made mostly of water ourselves, but never had I experienced this kind of direct sound medicine from the sea! We all walked away feeling more attuned and balanced.

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