Thursday, June 6, 2013

Nature as Guru

Banks of the Mississippi river
     It was a long and magical winter, living in close proximity to the Mississippi river. I've always loved the Mighty Miss, but had never felt her true power until living just a few blocks away. Sleeping close to the river, waking up close to the river, I got her message and it was clear. Go with the flow. "Yes, I do that already," I answered. "No, I mean really go with the flow," the river seemed to be insisting. "Trust yourself, trust the world, trust the flow."

I thought about the river valley and the strong tree roots connected to the river banks. "Stay rooted and go with the flow." It was an overnight realization, that I could live like the freedom of a river.

In a few days I will be heading out for some extended adventures in yoga (life).  Perhaps making all sorts of plans was necessary in order to explain this urge to depart from routine. My logical brain and the rational world wanted to know exactly what I was planning to do. Plans were an important part of the process and helped me to make sure I got on my way. Now that I am on my way, I have thrown my plans out the window and am back to trusting the river energy. Bold, fluid, trusting. The teachings of the rivers & trees have been inspiring yoga teachers for thousands of years.

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