Sunday, June 2, 2013


Too much stuff?
    As I prepare to live simply without an external home base for awhile, it seems obvious that having a bunch of stuff to tote around would be burdensome. Still, my first attempts at packing for this journey included 20 pounds of yoga books, way too many shoes, and hair products that I haven't used in many years. Am I hanging onto some image of myself from the 8th grade and trying to bring it with me? Who knows. Feelings of attachment were coming out of the woodwork and into my luggage. Dragging the past around is incredibly heavy. I would much prefer to take this open-ended adventure with 2 carry-on pieces of luggage, so I'm hoping most of these things will not make the final cut. Packing is a very insightful part of a journey. 

Minimalism is very appealing.  It has me wondering, what keeps me from such a lifestyle? A hoarding mentality? Looking at Patanjali's 8 limbs of yoga, aparigraha reminds us to take only what is necessary. To collect or hoard things implies a lack of trust in the Universe to provide for the future. Aparigraha also speaks of letting go of attachments in order to understand that impermanence and change are the only constants in life. This ancient philosophy may inspire me to get a little lighter. If not, I will practice accepting my choice to have more "comforts" then I can comfortably carry. 

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