Monday, June 24, 2013

Stay on the Path!

Rock art/inspiration.
     Traveling without an exact plan brings up some uneasy feelings from time to time. My basic need for security is challenged, which ignites some questions from the 'what if...' part of my brain. What if I am wasting precious time? What if I don't have enough of this, that, and the other? What if I loose this, that, and the other?

I'm taking a sojourn with trust that I will be guided along the way. I know that if I stay present and awake, it will be clear what to do (or not do) in any given moment.

Just keep breathing.

On the outside, the road I'm traveling doesn't look much different than the road I've always been on. It's my understanding that feels different. Life feels more interesting now that I'm not spending energy as 'Director of Every Detail and Outcome'. I have given that job back to The Universe. I appreciate the subtle, as well as the loud blaring signs that are guiding me along. Keep Going, read the rock. My instincts interpret this message as a reminder to keep tending to the inhale/exhale, as my path.


Frederick Hill said...

Peace In

Seasons Change Yoga said...

Peace Out

Frederick Hill said...

You lost? Curious about your next update! :b